BioCoStent is an endovascular drug-eluting stent used to treat coronary artery disease.

The coronary stent consists of a metal scaffold made of Cobalt/Chromium alloy coated with biodegradable polymer and retinoic acid.

Image of the BioCoStent architecture


Diagrammatic representation of the catheter design used for the advancement and deployment of BioCoStent

The stent is attached to a balloon catheter which is advanced through the vascular system to the area where the stenosis is located. There, during balloon inflation, the stent is deployed and permanently positioned for keeping the vessel lumen open.

The local release of the drug on the surface of the dilated arterial lesion aims to limit the rate of restenosis and/or to prevent the further development of atherosclerotic plaque.


BioCoStent Technical Data

Delivery platform

Mode of exchange Monorail (rapid exchange)
Balloon material Modified polyamide
Soft tip Pebax
Balloon compliance Semi-compliant
Guidewire compatibility 0.014’’
Guiding catheter compatibility 5F
Radiopaque markers 2, Platinum-Iridium
Nominal Pressure 16 atm
Rated Burst Pressure 8 atm
Coating Hydrophilic, HiFlow
Material Cobalt Chromium MP35N
Architecture Multi-cellular waveform
Design SV (small vessels) – diameters 2.25-2.75mm

MV (medium vessels) – diameters 3.00-4.00mm

Strut thickness 78μm for SV

90μm for MV

Elastic recoil <4.6%
Metal/Artery ratio 13-17%