Structure of the Project

The project is organized into six Work Units (WUs).

WU1: Development of DrugElutingStent (DES) technology using apatented drug.

In WU1, the necessary technologies for DES with retinoic acid and laboratory tests of the prototypes are being developed.

WU2: In vitro study of the characteristics of the system under development (stent, polymer, drug)

In WU2, an in vitro study of the drug’s effect on smooth muscle cells, which largely participate in the restenosis phenomenon, is carried out.

WU3: In vivo study of DES characteristics..

In WU3 an in vivo study in animal models of the safety and efficacy of stents with retinoic acid is carried out.

WU4: Development of a computational model

In WU4 computational in silico models are developed for the stent deployment and drug release processes.

WU5: Business Plan and Feasibility Study

In WU5 a business plan is created to capitalize on the results of the BioCoStent project.

WU6: Commercialization of the BioCoStent

In WU6 BioCoStent is presented at an international exhibition.